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One Minute to Midnight

As I’ve discussed in earlier posts, there is a long-running legal dispute between executive and legislative lawyers about whether the Governor has the authority to set an end time for a special session.  The issue has never come to a head in Nevada, although there is an Attorney General’s opinion to the Guinn administration opining that the Governor can in fact declare a time by which the Legislature must adjourn.  But the issue has not been tested in court. Today, the Governor released an amended proclamation on the special session, adding several agenda items for consideration, … Continue Reading »

Poll Shows Angry and Frustrated Voters

A new poll from renowned national pollster Glen Bolger shows that Nevada voters are generally dissatisfied with their government and are looking for change. 37% of those involved in the poll described themselves as Republican, 42% as Democrat, and 18% as independent or tending to lean towards one of the parties.  Interestingly however, when asked if they would vote for the Republican or Democrat running in their legislative district, 34% picked the Republican and only 28% picked the Democrat (with the rest generally undecided). 80% said that the situation in Nevada “has … Continue Reading »

Ratcheting Up the Risk Factor

When it comes to fixing budget deficits, there are three primary methods:  reducing ongoing operational expenses;  digging into contingency savings;  and increasing revenue.  In 2008, the State swept many contingency accounts to react to the budget shortfall (including the largest, the rainy day fund), and those accounts were not replenished in 2009.  The proclamation for the special session to begin on Tuesday lists further sweeps of contingency accounts.  While the Governor and Legislature continue to seek funding sources to solve the immediate short-term budget problem, doing so exposes the State … Continue Reading »

Some Observations on the Call for the Special Session

Earlier today Governor Gibbons issued a proclamation calling the Legislature into a special session beginning at 9:00 a.m. on February 23, 2010.  Without rehashing everything contained therein, I did note some interesting aspects of the proclamation. 1.  No specific ending time and date is set for the session.  In the two special sessions in 2008, a specific ending time and date was established in the proclamation itself. 2.  There is no express prohibition on the consideration of new or increased taxes.  Of course, both the Governor and legislative leaders have said that taxes are off … Continue Reading »

The State of the State

Today the Governor announced he will call a special session beginning February 23 to address a projected budget shortfall of almost $900 million.  The Governor has yet to issue his official proclamation calling the session, where the agenda for the session will be spelled out. In his speech, the Governor pointed out the continuing economic woes plaguing Nevada and blamed the Legislature for raising taxes and failing to enact stiffer budget cuts in 2009.  The Governor took potshots at Senator Harry Reid as well, noting that Nevada came in 50th … Continue Reading »