Monthly Archives: May 2010

PAC Registration and Magic Words

Nevada is in the midst of one of the first high-profile election law cases since the United States Supreme Court decided Citizens United v. FEC.  A Virginia corporation called Alliance for America’s Future aired a pro-Brian Sandoval ad in Nevada.  (There is nothing to suggest the group is affiliated with the Sandoval campaign).  The Nevada Secretary of State filed suit and obtained a temporary restraining order. In Citizens United, an outright ban on corporate expenditures on political advocacy was overturned.  However, the Court left reporting and disclosure requirements in place.  In the Alliance matter, … Continue Reading »

The Impact of Apathy

An interesting article appeared today in the Reno Gazette Journal regarding voter turnout. According to the article, in 2008 there was a 59.9% voter turnout in the general election, the 10th worst state turnout in the country.  The 2008 primary turnout was even lower, with only 17.97% of registered voters casting a ballot.  I don’t know where that stands in terms of state rankings, but it sounds dismal. In 2010, the results of several primary races will almost certainly decide the results of the general election.  In the Governor’s race for example, polling shows Rory Reid defeating … Continue Reading »