Monthly Archives: August 2010

Super-Sized PACs

An earlier blog post discussed the impact of FEC v. Citizens United on political expenditures in Nevada.  The Las Vegas Review Journal also ran an interesting piece on the same subject.  In the latest developments, the FEC issued advisory opinions that effectively allow corporations and unions to make unlimited contributions to independent expenditure committees (although usual PAC disclosure rules remain in place).  Although those committees are not affiliated with or allowed to coordinate with campaigns, the committees are free to make independent expenditures for or against candidates.  These so-called “super” PACs will undoubtedly be a force in … Continue Reading »

State Budget Relief?

With a projected shortfall for the upcoming biennium of somewhere around $3 billion, Nevada’s budget is in serious trouble.  However, the latest concept forfederal bailout money is aimed at providing fiscal relief to beleaguered states, by way of payments Medicaid payments that are otherwise a serious drain on a state budget. Under the Recovery Act, Nevada received around $450 million to help with Medicaid payments.  The current legislation proposes $16.1 billion nationwide.  Although Nevada’s ultimate share is unknown (and is of course dependent on the bill passing Congress in the first place), most will view any help … Continue Reading »