Poll Shows Angry and Frustrated Voters

A new poll from renowned national pollster Glen Bolger shows that Nevada voters are generally dissatisfied with their government and are looking for change.

37% of those involved in the poll described themselves as Republican, 42% as Democrat, and 18% as independent or tending to lean towards one of the parties.  Interestingly however, when asked if they would vote for the Republican or Democrat running in their legislative district, 34% picked the Republican and only 28% picked the Democrat (with the rest generally undecided).

80% said that the situation in Nevada “has pretty seriously gotten off on the wrong track.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the primary issue of concern to voters is “jobs and the economy” at 66%, while a subject that has dominated the national headlines of late, health care, came in at just 13%.  Taxes were even lower at 12%.

64% believe the worst is still to come in this recession.  And as we begin the third special session on the budget shortfall in Nevada, 79% believe the budget shortfall is “very serious,” compared to 62% who believed so in May of 2009.

On the issue of taxes, more people (47%) believed it was prudent to raise taxes to resolve the budget shortfall than to reduce spending (38%).  However, 58% felt that the tax burden in Nevada was “about right” and 60% felt that tax increases would increase unemployment, and only 26% felt that spending cuts would “hurt important programs.”

On Jon Ralston’s “Face to Face” earlier this evening, Glen Bolger rightfully described the poll as voters sending “mixed messages.”  The unpredictable nature of voter’s responses, combined wtith the clear seriousness of the budget situation, threatens to leave many elected officials in a very tough spot, with unforgiving voters demanding straightforward and effective solutions to exceedingly difficult problems while disliking any of the most likely outcomes.

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