The Dust Settles on the Special Session

Early this morning the Legislature concluded its 26th special session.  In a showing of bi-partisanship and cooperation between the executive and legislative branches, elected officials enacted a series of fixes (many of which are temporary) in an attempt to shore up the general fund budget deficit for the current biennium.

The major components of the plan, including spending reductions, have been comprehensively covered in the mainstream media.  Here are a few of the other aspects of the plan, including what ended up in the plan and what was proposed but didn’t make it.


Increased mining fees

Increased gaming application fees

Tax Amnesty (penalty and interest waiver on certain tax payments)

Increased bank foreclosure fees

Removal of a sales tax increase sunset provision in Clark County with the money going to road construction

Increased business filing fees

Removal of prohibitions on certain generic drugs in Medicaid

A desk audit of the Insurance Division and the fees and taxes collected

Increased license fees for unarmed combat

A change to the use of student test scores for teacher evaluations in order to apply for Race to the Top funds from the US Department of Education


A change to water law in response to a recent Nevada Supreme Court decision

Sales taxes on internet sales

Changes to the collective bargaining process

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