The Name Game

Some eyebrows recently raised in Nevada when the majority Democrat leadership changed the name of the former “Committee on Taxation” to the “Committee on Revenue.”  But, the fact that caucus leadership may change a committee name is nothing new.

For example, in Colorado the GOP recently took control of the state House of Representatives.  The change in control resulted in “energy” being dropped from the Transportation and Energy Committee, “labor” being dropped from the Business Affairs and Labor Committee, and “human services” being dropped from the Health and Human Services Committee.  Colorado Democrats immediately began criticizing the name change on the grounds that the renaming signaled a change in priorities for those committees.  See the full story here.

Of course, elections have consequences so it shouldn’t be too big of a surprise that the Colorado House GOP leadership changed some committee names after winning a majority.  The difference in Nevada?  In 2008-2009, the Democrats held the Senate majority and utilized the Committee on Taxation.  In 2010-11, the Democrats maintained the Senate majority but changed the name to the Committee on Revenue.  So the recent name change is not related to a change in leadership – and time will tell if it actually does signal a change in priorities.

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